YYY Pool


YYY Pool is the community-owned liquidity pool that accrues and yields the collateral of YYY.

How does YYY Pool work?

  1. The ownership of YYY Pool is fractionalized into 2,000 shares, mirroring the supply cap of 2,000 YYY.

  2. Each YYY Pool share serves as collateral for each YYY, at a 1:1 ratio, which defines the base price of YYY.

  3. Each YYY Pool share is redeemed at 1:1 after the 365-day yielding period of YYY.

Pool Composition

YYY Pool is fully composed of ADNEO.


YYY Pool is bootstrapped with 2,000 ADNEO injected as collateral for YYY (1 YYY = 1 ADNEO).

The pool daily yields 32,87 ADNEO to its total balance. After the 365-day maturation (yielding) period of YYY and YYY Pool, the pool ends up accruing 14,000 ADNEO; with each YYY collateralized by 7 ADNEO. If measured in ADNEO, YYY Pool earns a 600% APY interest.

Share Redemption

The collateral of YYY can be redeemed after a 365-day maturation (yielding) period of the YYY Pool.

After the 365-day maturation period of the YYY Pool, the resulting 14,000 ADNEO accrued are redeemed by YYY holders through 7 distribution phases (2,000 ADNEO each), which occur on a monthly basis.

Maturation Period

Start date: TBA

End date: TBA

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