Adneo Token (AT) is the protocol native ERC-721 token of Adneo.
Designed to function as a multi-utility ERC-721 token, AT provides holders lifetime benefits across the Adneo ecosystem, including IP share, airdrop, revenue sharing, mint passes, and governance rights.


IP Share

Each AT represents a 0.1% lifetime share of Adneo's IP.


15,000 ADNEO are airdropped to AT holders.

Revenue Sharing

AT holders receive 100% of the ETH earned by Adneo from minting fees of its issued structured products.

Mint Pass

AT holders have free access to all of the structured products issued by Adneo at a 1:1 ratio.


AT holders have the ability to propose changes to the protocol.

Please note, AT is a multi-utility NFT (or “protocol meta-token”), not a structured product.
Last modified 4mo ago