Built on Ethereum, Adneo is a decentralized finance protocol dedicated to issuing ERC-721-based structured products collateralized with community-owned pools. Adneo introduces a new, innovative way to invest in non-fungible tokens, taking inspiration from the success of traditional finance structured products and adapting it for decentralized finance.


Introduction: Adneo is a decentralized structured product protocol on Ethereum.
ADNEO: The protocol native ERC20 token of Adneo.
AT: The protocol native ERC-721 token of Adneo.

Structured Products

YYY: The first structured product issued by Adneo.


Pools: The community-owned pools backing the Adneo structured products.
Governance: Adneo governance is based on AT.
Dashboard: An interface that gauges the Adneo stats.
Contracts: A list of smart contract/wallet addresses related to Adneo.


Terms: The terms of service of Adneo.

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